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At Pucquio, the tiny high-end Peruvian spot located in the former Guest Chef space, I ate what was perhaps the best cebiche of my life. The components were classic: raw shrimp and fish, whole squid, chunks of sweet yam, a fiery rococo chili emulsion, lime juice, and buttery-tasting corn nuts. But I haven’t encountered many cebiches in which the seafood was so uncommonly fresh......

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At Puquio we have passion for cooking. We are one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area, and that's is not for coincidence, we use the freshest ingredients, our fish is mostly delivered every day and our vegetables come from the Local Market. The ingredients mixed with the culinary art of our chef, results in a high quality delicate and delicious exotic plates that makes every person feel the most pleasured culinary experience.

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